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KEP ITALY: CEI Fund at the EBRD co-finances 3-day workshop on public / private partnership for Serbian and Albanian representatives

Anas International Enterprise headquarters hosted in Rome the “Capacity building on Public and Private Partnership (PPPs) for road construction and exploitation for Albanian authorities", with the participation of Serbia and other Western Balkan countries” on 13-15 December.

The workshop - co-financed by the CEI Fund at the EBRD, aimed at encouraging the development of joint PPP practices in Albania and Serbia in view of their possible integration in the European Union.

The 3-day workshop witnessed ample participation thanks to the presence of highly qualified Italian experts. A Guide to PPP in English, Albanian and Serbian, collecting all the material used in the workshop, will be published and circulated among participants.

A welcome greeting was given by Domenico Crocco, ANAS Project Manager for Capacity Building on PPPs; by  Ambassador Michele Giacomelli, Special Envoy of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Western Balkan Process; by Albanian Ambassador to Italy, Alina Bitri; by  Minister Plenipotentiary Giuseppe Cavagna, Italian CEI National Coordinator; by Counsellor Vincenzo Ercole, Head of the International Business Development for the Italian Construction Industry at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; by Massimo Schintu, AISCAT Director General/PIARC-WRA TF President Innovative Financing; by Emanuela Stocchi, AISCAT/PIARC Italy TF President of Innovative Financing/President of IBTTA International Bridge Tunnel and Turnpike Association; by Saverio Palchetti, Anas International Relations/PIARC President TF Infrastructure Security/PIARC National Committees Representative.


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