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CEI PD Parliamentary Committee successfully meets in Minsk

The Meeting of the CEI PD Parliamentary Committee under the title "Intellectualization of economy in the CEI region: innovative production, governance and human capital" took place in Minsk on 29-31 May.
The Chairman of Council of the Republic of Belarus, Mikhail Myasnikovich, opened the meeting stating that the idea of mutually beneficial cooperation among the countries of Central European Initiative was relevant today as never before. He explained that in their search for new drivers of economic growth and competitiveness of national economies, the countries were facing the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution, ageing populations, and environmental security. He also pointed out that the parliaments could play a special role in developing the CEI and in achieving its priority objective, i.e. strengthening integration and cooperation in a greater Europe, developing regional dialogue and partnership.
The gathering witnessed the participation of Belarusian MPs, heads of ministries as well as national delegations of 12 CEI Member States, i.e. Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Belarus, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine). The CEI was represented by its Deputy Secretary General, Erik Csernovitz.
Participants ended their meeting with the approval of the Final Declaration.
  • Programme available HERE
  *** This event is organised within the CEI Parliamentary Dimension which along with the Governmental and the Business Dimensions, is positioned as one of the three pillars of the CEI.
The annual chairmanship of the Parliamentary Dimension rotates according to the annual CEI Presidency. 


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