On the occasion of the Meeting of the CEI National Coordinators held in Trieste on 11 October, Italy – through its CEI Fund at the EBRD – committed 955,000 EUR for five technical assistance assignments and six know-how transfer projects targeting non-EU CEI Member States. This pledge demonstrates that the mandate of the CEI Fund at the EBRD remains strongly focused on the EU integration process, and that the tools used to accomplish its mission are an ever-growing number of projects impacting the entire CEI Region.
In detail, the five technical cooperation assignments totalled 755,000 EUR including two projects targeting Albania in the energy and policy dialogue sectors respectively, while the other three have a regional outreach concerning policy dialogue, capacity building as well as infrastructure issues. The horizontal objectives of the technical assistance financed by the CEI Fund are to support the EBRD’s investment and loans, during either the project preparation or project implementation phase. Therefore, the total cumulative investments linked to the above-mentioned projects amount to 250 million EUR.
The second group of projects approved for co-financing totalled EUR 200,000. These projects have been selected in the framework of the CEI Know-how Exchange Programme Call for Proposals launched in spring this year, a grant facility supporting capacity building and best-practice transfer from institutions in EU CEI countries to recipients in non-EU CEI Member States. Selected projects target the Western Balkans and Moldova concerning sectors such as capacity building, agribusiness, science and technology, and climate.

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CNC Meeting (Trieste, 11 October)