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CEI International Summer School “Minorities, Kin-States and Territorial Cooperation” held in Bertinoro/Italy

Altogether 29 students, including 27 participants from 8 CEI countries, benefitted from the interactive programme of lectures, round tables, seminars and workshops held by over 25 professors and guest lecturers during the 22nd CEI International Summer School on “Minorities, Kin-States and Territorial Cooperation”,  in Bertinoro, Italy on 12-16 September.

The event succeeded in emphasising the interdisciplinary approach towards human rights and democracy.  Young and future professionals were provided with a better understanding of minority rights and intercultural dialogue as a prerequisite for building stable democracies in SEE. The participants explored new visions regarding regional cooperation and its importance for the EU accession process. They deepened their knowledge on the protection of minority rights in different SEE countries and international legal standards for human rights. In interactive workshops, the students enhanced their knowledge of good practices of multicultural cohesion and cooperation for a comprehension of the current migration flows. Therefore this edition of the CEI Summer School has provided the participants with new ideas for a successful management of the ongoing migrant issue by offering different perspectives on democratic and humanitarian responses.

Besides its high-quality lessons, the  Summer School brought about a one week international forum of experts and young  professionals in human rights and democratic development including important networking possibilities. It created a platform for dynamic discussions on the topic and contributed to intercultural cooperation in the region.

The CEI International Summer School represents  a long-standing cooperation between the Institute for Central-Eastern and Balkan Europe (IECOB) and the CEI.  This year’s edition was developed  in collaboration with the Master’s Programme in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe (ERMA). It has contributed to stimulating the discussions on minority rights in our increasingly diversified societies and related territorial questions, while elaborating the CEI’s role in these contexts.

The final part of the CEI International  Summer School was complimented with the CEI International Conference on  “Breaking Down or Re-Building The Walls: Migration Crisis, Refugees and Security in Southeastern EuropE".

The CEI International Summer School is co-financed by the CEI Cooperation Fund.
  • Full Programme available here
  • List of participants available here

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