Eighteen women from Foca, Srebrenica and Bratunac participated in a two-day training on power and economic leadership from 31 January to 1 February 2015 in the framework of the project “Smallholders Farmers’ Access to Markets in Eastern and Northern Bosnia-Herzegovina and Northern Albania” . The event focused on exploring the concept of power amongst women from different backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, farmers, civil society members and representatives from local communities. During the training it was agreed that discrimination and lack of support and resources inside the community represented a major obstacle. It was also acknowledged that while there was a sense of ability and will to change, a systematic vision on how to implement these changes was currently lacking.

The project is co-funded under the CEI Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP), financed by the CEI Fund at the EBRD, entirely supported by the Italian Government, with a grant of 36.600 EUR. The total project cost amounts to nearly 80.000 EUR. The assignment addresses the problem of limited access to regional and international markets for local products due to low competitiveness of local producers, lack of skilled workers and scientific information about products, as well as lack of overall awareness about opportunities.

Oxfam Italy is the main know-how provider, while the beneficiaries are the Association of Citizens Independent Office for Development and Association Drina Euro Region from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Cooperative “Rec Agripyjor”, from Albania’s Shkoder Region.
The next workshop will focus on helping the participants recognise and exercise their own power both as individuals and at  community level (including producers’ Associations and Cooperatives).

For more information: dovier@cei.int, biadene@cei.int