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Annual Report of the CEI Secretary General 2018

The Report summarises the main activities in 2018 regarding the political dialogue and project-oriented approach of the Organisation.


Annual Report 2018 of the CEI Fund at the EBRD

The Annual Report 2018 of the CEI Fund at the EBRD outlines projects and activities supported by the Fund throughout the year, namely approved and implemented Technical Cooperation assignments as well as Know-how Exchange Programme projects.


Implementing the CEI Mission through EU projects

This Brochure is a publication featuring the EU projects the CEI-Executive Secretariat designs, manages and implements while focusing on transnational and regional cooperation for European integration.


Lessons for Sustainable Transition Impact

The Office for the CEI Fund at the EBRD has published an Impact Assessment and Analysis of the CEI Know-how Exchange Programme. The report reveales the success of the Programme in taking advantage of the transition experience of the recently admitted EU members to avoid obstacles and speed up processes in the CEI countries which aim at filling similar gaps.


CEI Brochure

This booklet contains basic information on the most important aspects of the Central European Initiative such as its history, functioning, funds and instruments complemented by some facts and figures.


CEI Trust Fund: a Retrospective Review

The Retrospective Review has been recently released by the Secretariat for CEI Projects (CEI-PS) with the purpose of analysing the last 17 years of activity of the CEI Trust Fund at the EBRD. The Retrospective Review assessed how the CEI Trust Fund has been used and the impact it has created, through its three main programmes – the Technical Cooperation Programme, the Know-how Exchange Programme and the Cooperation Activities Programme. Based on this work, the authors identified some areas of improvement in the CEI-PS operations and proposed relevant solutions.


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