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Educational video-game initiative inspires cutting-edge book on media, communication and culture

A recent initiative supported under the CEI Cooperation Fund in 2023 called "PLAYSERIOUSLY",  has not only generated an innovative psychoeducational video game through a hackathon organised for that purpose, but it also inspired an innovative book titled " Play Seriously. The Trasformative Power of Video Games". This significant achievement dives deep into the intricate relationship between media, communication, and culture.

Positioned as the flagship of the Communication Processes and Cultural Practices book series, this work serves as an example for scholarly exploration and empirical analysis. It illuminates the intense impact of media in our society, offering valuable insights into how various forms of media shape our perceptions, beliefs, and behaviours.

At its core, the book examines the nuanced relationships between media, culture, and individual identity. By synthesising diverse perspectives from interdisciplinary fields, it enriches our understanding of the complex mechanisms driving contemporary media landscapes.

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