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Workshops at Two Open Weeks of Plavo Theatre 2022 in Belgrade

Performing arts professionals and semi-professionals, including actors, directors, theatre artists, dancers and students from Central and Eastern European countries, participated in the Two Open Weeks of Plavo Theatre 2022 in Belgrade on 10-24 September. The programme offered a comprehensive theatrical laboratory through the specific methodology of PLAVO Theatre, sharing the idea of the theatre as a place for intercultural communication, theatrical exchange and development.

Special support was provided to two Ukrainian artists, currently residing in Italy, to allow them to take part in the proposed activities. Two workshops “Actor’s Training: Energy and Precision” and “From Myself towards Theatre – from Theatre towards Myself”, were held with thanks to co-financing from the CEI Cooperation Fund.  

This year, innovative elements have been introduced due to the pandemic isolation which caused job loss and the need for intense training to enhance the professional skills of artists as we las their competitiveness on the performance arts market. For example, the activities were opened to theatrical professionals above 30 years of age who could attend the training sessions as well as live presentations, lectures, video projections and discussions.

Public events were also organised with a numerous audience, such as the performance Sheol, presented by guest artists from the Grotowski Institute in Poland.

For more info: fabro@cei.int

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