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Art practices in times of crisis debated at CEI Venice Forum for Contemporary Art Curators 

The 10th CEI Venice Forum for Contemporary Art Curators, organised by the Trieste Contemporanea Committee and co-financed by the CEI Cooperation Fund, took place at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice on 22 April. 

This year’s Forum focused on the contemporary art practices in times of crisis, particularly referring to the challenging events that have highly impacted people’s lives during the last two years – the global pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine – with consequences also on the arts and culture at large.

The Forum was opened by Giuliana Carbi, president of Trieste Contemporanea Committee. She recalled that the first experimental edition of the Forum was held in 2001, becoming a traditional appointment providing the framework to exchange  experiences and perspectives and reflect upon issues that are relevant to society.

Lorenzo Fusi, moderator of the debate, invited the participating artists, curators and intellectuals coming from various countries to share their experiences and lessons learned from this dramatic period. Contributions were made by Konstantin Akinsha (Ukraine), Marina Gržinić (Slovenia), Janka Vukmir (Croatia), Roberto Paci Dalò (Italy), Cristiano Carloni (Italy), Stefano Franceschetti (Italy), Inese Dabola (Latvia), Emily Jacir (Palestine), Beral Madra (Turkey), Ruth Noack (Germany). Participants from various CEI countries attended the meeting both in presence and online.

The Forum is the result of the successful cooperation between the CEI and the Trieste Contemporanea Committee which promotes very effectively a dialogue in the field of contemporary art among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. “Their activities are fully in line with the major CEI objectives in the field of culture, namely promoting 
intercultural dialogue and respect for cultural diversity, fostering good neighbourly relations, boosting quality management of cultural heritage and creative industries, advancing inclusion and accessibility” said CEI Senior Executive Officer Barbara Fabro in her welcome address.

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