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Experience transfer to women's organisations in Central and South-Eastern Europe at equal pay day conference in Prague

The 13th Equal Pay Day conference, organised by the non-profit organisation Business and Professional Women CR (BPWCR), was held in Prague on 8-10 April. It offered a valuable opportunity to gain information on new trends in women's entrepreneurship and equal opportunities in order to strengthen their entrepreneurial and managerial skills as well as their empowerment.

Thanks to this year's contribution from the CEI Cooperation Fund, 14 women professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Serbia and Slovakia who attended the conference, had the chance to get acquainted with the latest trends in promoting women’s economic participation in society. They received information about good practices in sustainability, gained more insight into the investing field, and got inspiration for organising similar events in their countries. They also joined speed mentoring activities both on the side of mentors and mentees.

Lenka Št’astná, President and Founder of BPWCR, said that “It is a great honor for our organisation to be able to transfer our experience to other countries thanks to the CEI grant.  Over the past 12 years, the EPD conference has earned the respect of experts on equal pay, diversity and inclusion, popularity for its unique atmosphere among participants and the support of partners.  A big thank you to all of them.  I look forward to visiting a similar event with BPWCR members in our Central or Southern European partners in the years to come".

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