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SEE Mosaics Meeting V: “Conservation of mosaic bedding layers - how to preserve”

In the framework of the regional project SEE Mosaics: developing a network of mosaic conservation professionals and promoting mosaic heritage in SE Europe, the SEE Mosaics Meeting V “Conservation of mosaic bedding layers how to preserve” was held in Zaječar (Serbia) on 1-4 October.

The four-day expert meeting gathered 41 participants from 12 countries who discussed how to conserve mosaics on archaeological sites. Discussions focused on site management, monitoring and maintenance strategies.  Past and present solutions for conservation of mosaics on sites, in situ conservation-restoration techniques and the use of modern technologies and materials were also described.  

The SEE Mosaics Meeting aimed at better understanding the challenges in mosaic heritage preservation and explored ways and means to make it more functional.

Participants also had the chance to visit the National Museum “Zaječar”, the National Museum in Leskovac, archeological sites such as Felix Romuliana, Caričin Grad, monastery Bukovo and the contemporary mosaic made by the famous artist Mladen Srbinović comisioned in 1977 for the Gamzigrad Rehabilitation Center.

The event organised by the Central Institute for Conservation in cooperation with the National Museum "Zaječar" was supported under the CEI Cooperation Fund.

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