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Film New Europe and Warsaw Kids Forum hold Inspiration Day in Warsaw

Film New Europe (FNE) together with the Warsaw Kids Forum (WKFF) organised an event in Warsaw on 25-27 September under the title Inspiration day.  The event supported by the CEI Cooperation Fund aimed at connecting the guests of the Warsaw Kids Forum with leading experts in content produced by child and youth audiences. Expert David Kleeman Dubit highlighted that “The most significant part of creating content for your viewers is to focus on the classics. What issues will always be important to children? What will always be relevant? Once you discover that, develop your content around it. Because everything else will change.”

Inspiration day included many workshops and activities such as: Forecasting the Future for Kids Content – in TV and Digital SVoD, Jams - a live action series for teenagers teaching them how to react and cope with sexual harassment, a special production financing workshop “The Art of Finding and Making a Deal Workshop”, a screenwriting master class, CO-PRO-NECT Breakfast and much more.

According to the organisation team, over 270 guests attended the sixth edition of the Forum. Zosia Horszczaruk, WKFF Project Manager highlighted that “The numbers of attendees has grown by some 30%, thanks in large part to a new sponsorship from FNE and the Central European Initiative. In total, 27 projects from 15 countries were pitched together with the one special Polish work-in-progress presentation”.

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