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Young BSF 2018 - Sustainable security: the role of youth in bridging the divide

This year, over 70 participants from 30 countries gathered in Bled, Slovenia, on 7-11 September, to attend the Young Bled Strategic Forum and the Bled Strategic Forum. 

For the past eight years, the Bled Strategic Forum has been accompanied by the Young BSF, an annual conference bringing together young leaders to engage in lively discussions and develop out-of-the-box solutions to some of the most pressing world issues.

Participants addressed the challenges of intergenerational cooperation, sustainable tourism, artificial intelligence, gender equality, security in the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean through 12 round tables and workshops.

Special attention was devoted to an inherent and urgently needed interregional cooperation that can lead to progress in democratisation, fight against corruption and terrorism, as well as adaptation and prevention of climate change. The strong interrelation between the topics of the BSF and the Young BSF has resulted in the participation of four young leaders as speakers in the main BSF panels.

This Young BSF was co-funded by the CEI Cooperation Fund.



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