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CEI PIANO FORUM 2018: a music road map

In the framework of the Friuli Venezia Giulia International Piano Competition, the CEI co-sponsored the organisation of the CEI Piano Forum 2018, an international conference held in Sacile, Italy, on 7 May, gathering young musicians and experts from all the CEI countries.
The Forum, held under the title “A Music Road Map”, promoted an open confrontation between the young musicians and some experienced personalities of the music world from CEI countries (both EU and non-EU members) and other European institutions. The meeting also provided a wide exchange of good practices and discussions for music professionals and offered perspectives and opportunities for higher training, mobility of young artists and career starting.
Thanks to the CEI, Piano FVG offered the Special Prize for the best competitor from a CEI country (with the exception of Italy), along with scholarships, supporting the participation of a CEI young pianist and a new Prize to CEI Music Academies, enrolling a group of their own students in the competition.
The winner of the CEI special prize 2018 (as best competitor from CEI countries) is Tymoteusz Jan Bies from Poland. He also won the 1st  prize of the PianoFVG Competition 2018.

This event is co-funded by the CEI Cooperation Fund.

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