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23rd CEI International Summer School “Envisioning Moving Frontiers: Migration Management, Minority Protection and the Enhancement of Territorial Cooperation” held in Bertinoro (Italy)

Around 30 students from 11 countries participated in the 23rd edition of the CEI International Summer School organised by the Istituto per l’Europa Centro-Orientale e Balcanica (IECOB) in Bertinoro (Italy) on 11-15 September. 
Lectures, round tables and workshops were offered to the students with a strong interdisciplinary approach towards topics such as migration, minority protection, cultural diversity and territorial cooperation.
The school addressed the challenges faced by the European and Nation-State governance in relation to security issues, and socio-political developments. Events concerning Albania, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, and Ukraine were some of the case-studies analysed. In addition, the school focused on the new conceptualisations (such as métissages, cultural nomadism, interculturality, diversity management and deliberation), gender relations, and existing legal, social and cultural instruments for the protection of minorities in the broader sense.
The summer school also included the participation in the CEI International Conference “Restructuring Identities vs. Managing Minorities. Fostering Intercultural Dialogue and Preserving Cultural Diversity in Southeastern Europe” on 15 September. The conference aimed at reflecting on the issues at stake in the area, welcoming contributions of participants from the Balkan countries and Ukraine, in view of strengthening academic cooperation. The event also envisioned the identity and minority issues following both national and macro-regional perspectives, in an attempt to understand the transformation of the complex dynamics in drawing national (and all-European) borders from South-East and East-Central European perspectives in the light of the recent crisis that has affected the region.
This event was co-funded by the CEI Cooperation Fund.
The organisers’ report is available HERE.

Lecture at Summer School


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