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23rd International Festival of Local Televisions/Golden Beggar held in Košice, Slovakia

The International Festival of Local Televisions/Golden Beggar is one of the most important media events in Slovakia. It promotes the exchange of experiences and expertise among local television stations as well as the partnership and cooperation between producers of audiovisual works and TV programmes.
At this year's event held on 7-10 June, authors from 53 countries sent more than 300 films to compete at the Festival. More than 150 filmmakers, TV broadcasters, experts and artists from a total of 19 countries registered for the Festival.
The programme included a competition, as well as workshops and panel discussions, focused on the topic “Terrorism, Wars and Other Conflicts – Existential Threat for Journalism and Refugee and Migrant Crisis as Seen by Media”.
This activity was co-financed by the CEI Cooperation Fund.
  • The organisers’ press release is available HERE.


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