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14th DRC Summer School at University of Pécs successfully held

The 14th edition of the DRC Summer School was held at the University of Pécs, Hungary on 2-9 July under the main topic “New Borders Between Old Neighbours – Return of History in The Danube Region?”. The keynote lecture was subsequently delivered by Erhard Busek, chairman of IDM.
The variety of lectures and the interdisciplinary approach of the summer school was also reflected in the workshops, where the participants had the opportunity to present their research:
  • Schengen, Dublin, Idomeni? Security challenges at the EU’s outskirts
  • Migration within and from outside of the Danube Region
  • Political, ideological and religious radicalisation
  • EUSDR: Economy and prosperity for the Danube Region through cross-border cooperation?
The participants fulfilled the requirements, received certificates and - inspired by the morning lecture topics and supervised by the organisers  - prepared a policy recommendation paper for the European Union on migration. The latter will be published together with the research papers of the summer school in early 2018.
The next edition of the summer school will take place at the Danube University Krems on 1-8 July 2018 under the title “Modernizing Europe: Generating accountability”.
  *** The DRC Summer School project was initiated by IDM (Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe) and the International House Pécs in 2003 to promote regional co-operation among young social scientists. It is co-funded by the CEI Cooperation Fund.

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