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RomArchive: film night & selection meeting held in Budapest

On 7-10 April, the RomArchive - Roma Film Archive - Workshop & Film Festival took place in Budapest, Hungary. The event was organised in the framework of the long-term project RomArchive– Digital Archive of the Roma, which aims at becoming an internationally accessible virtual discursive space that makes the cultural heritage and history of the Roma visible and responds to recurring stereotypes by a counter-history told by the Roma themselves.
The first part of the event was a Selection Workshop organised by the Film Section of RomArchive. The workshop was attended by a team of Romani filmmakers and independent experts from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain and the UK. Romani filmmakers from the UK and Bulgaria joined the discussion via skype.
The workshop was supplemented by a public event called COMPACT - Roma Film Night, organised by the Hungarian Romedia Foundation to celebrate the International Romani Day, taking place in Budapest on 8 April.
COMPACT, a public screening of the film Taikon, focuses on the group left behind by the society, the Roma minority. The documentary Taikon - the Untold Story of a Roma Freedom Fighter - represents a dramatic and vivid portrait of one of the most important advocators of human rights in the 20th century Europe setting against the backdrop of the developing Swedish welfare state. Taikon was screened in Hungary for the first time.
The screening was followed by a roundtable discussion with the participation of Romani experts, who presented their experience as filmmakers and professionals as well as members of the Romani minority, who work on a daily basis for the empowerment of young Romani people in their environments.
This event was co-financed by the CEI Cooperation Fund.
The report by the organisers is available here

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