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​KineDok First Screens Conference held in Prague

The international event of the “KineDok First Screens Conference 2017”, organised by the Institute of Documentary Film and hosted by the East Doc Platform, offered young filmmakers and film school students from 14 different CEI countries the opportunity to attend open lectures held by international film professionals and workshops based on case studies by renowned filmmakers.
KineDok is a growing network for alternative distribution of creative docs in Europe and aims at strengthening the connection between film schools and at encouraging young filmmakers to think about distribution outside the box.
Focusing in particular on film students, the event was a necessary step following the outcomes of the KineDok Conference on Alternative Distribution in March last year, which was also supported by the CEI. 
Within the 2-day Conference the participants discussed possibilities for professional exchange on social and current issues on orientated documentary films, provoking intercultural dialogue and networking between students from different European film schools. They explored new ways of spreading practical knowledge on alternative distribution beyond their national borders.
The ultimate goal of the event was to bring creative documentaries of young filmmakers to the public at regional and international level by establishing the KineDok cooperation young filmmakers group.
“KineDok First Screens Conference 2017” was supported by the CEI Cooperation Fund.

 The press release issued by the organisers is available here.


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