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​KEP AUSTRIA: manual for calculation of gender and motherhood wage gaps in Macedonia published within SHE-ROES project

The Association for economic research, advocacy and policymaking “Finance Think”, Skopje, has recently published a book on "Gender and motherhood wage gaps in Macedonia: Manual for calculation with applications in STATA".

The paper was elaborated by the Macedonia recipient institution within the KEP AUSTRIA Project "Heroes and she-roes”: Knowledge for analysis of and advocacy for equal pay for women and mothers in Macedonia (SHE-ROES), where Austria acts as know-how provider (The Vienna Institute of International Economic Studies, Vienna).

It is a manual comprehensively illustrating all methods and practical aspects of the gap calculations, offering guidelines in researching, analysing and calculating gender and motherhood wage gaps.

The book is specifically meant for current economic researchers in Macedonia interested in labour economics and are willing to conduct an econometric analysis of the gender and motherhood wage gaps and of how they can be reduced; it tries to encourage much more academic interest and concern from all relevant stakeholders.But it also offers an extensive overview of the theoretical background literature of the gender and motherhood wage gaps which enables any interested individual to understand the importance and the implications these wage gaps have, not only to women and house-holds, but also to the overall economy of a country.

The manual is an addition to the tool already developed by Finance Think for testing gender-neutral wage in Macedonia,, which has been awarded First Prize for Social Innovation by the United Nations and the Ministry of Finance of Macedonia. 
The Final event of SHE-ROES, where these results will be comprehensively presented, is taking place in Skopje on 30 January 2017.
  *** The KEP AUSTRIA - part of CEI Know-how Exchange Programme - is financed by Austria, with funding provided by the Austrian Development Cooperation (based on an agreement between the Central European Initiative and the  Austrian Development Agency (ADA). The Programme aims at promoting capacity building and technical assistance through know-how transfer from CEI EU to CEI non-EU Member States. The KEP Grant amounted to 40.000 EUR. 


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