A delegation of eight Moldovan experts attended a seminar, a workshop and a technical visit in Orvieto, Italy, on 15-18 June 2016, in the framework of the project SMA.RI.GO “Smart river governance: experiences in the mirror from Italy to Moldova”. Four experts were from the State Enterprise Basin Water Management Authority, which manages the water protection and flood defense for the entire nation; two experts from Apele Modovei, the implementing authority of state policy in the field of water management, hydrology, water supply and sanitation, which operates under the Ministry of Environment;  a Professor from the  Technical University of Moldova  in Chisinau and the President of the non-governmental organisation Caroma North, which  deals with Ecology and Environment human Development and social integration, human rights and Volunteering.
The project is co-financed by the CEI Know-how Exchange Programme through the CEI Fund at the EBRD, sponsored by Italy, with EUR 38,785, while the project total cost amounts to EUR 80,000. The know-how providers are ALTA SCUOLA  and BETA STUDIO. It aims at fostering the know-how exchange from Italy to Moldova on the application of European directives on water quality and flood management, as well as models of intervention and prevention of structural and non-structural participation and integration of peoples for protection from hydrological risk, including the new "River Contracts" tool.
On 15 June 2016, the Moldovan beneficiaries visited the River Paglia to examine the hydraulic defense works built and under construction. On 16 June 2016 they attended the  conference on “Flood management, water protection and the Italian best practices on River Contracts”. S.E. Stela Stîngaci, Ambassador of Moldova to Italy joined the conference together with representatives from UNESCO, the Italian Ministry of  Environment, the Italian National Council of Geologists, the Environment Protection Agency and the Civil Protection of the Umbria Region,  the University of Perugia, the Orvieto City Council.  The conference gave participants the chance to discuss about the difficulties in the transposition of European directives (200/60/EC and 2007/60/EC) and the main problems to be solved in the Moldovan Botna River, with a “mirror confrontation”  with the Italian Paglia River, in the perspective of the diffusion of more participate strategies through the dissemination of  River Contracts.
On 17 June, the Moldovan delegation attended a workshop on good practice development to acquire new tools in the field of flood defense and water quality. In particular, they examined the instrument of the "Contract of River" to be implemented also in Moldova. Lastly, on 18 June 2016, the project partners attended a workshop on landslides and landslide management, held at the headquarters of Alta Scuola.

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