The beneficiary institution of the KEP AUSTRIA project Aim@Innovations, Knowledge Center, organised in Skopje on 12 November а business breakfast for the successful finalisation and promotion of the project and its I-LAB Center. Representatives from 10 universities, research centers, NGOs and student organisations, with whom Knowledge Center had signed memoranda of cooperation in the past period, attended the event.

Andrijana Bogdanovska Gjurovic from Knowledge Center presented the activities of the project, also on behalf of the Austrian know-how provider Brainplus, and outlined the main features of the I-LAB. The purpose of this center is to gather companies in need of support in the form of consulting in innovations management and innovation trainings such as workshops and seminars.  

The one-year KEP AUSTRIA Project Aim@Innovations aimed at strengthening national capacities for the provision of thematic trainings and consultancies in the area of innovation management to SMEs, start-ups and spinoffs in Macedonia. The project was co-financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation (based on an agreement between the Central European Initiative and the Austrian Development Agency - ADA) with 45.000 EUR.

Since 2008 ADA has committed around 900.000,00 EUR for 31 Projects. The Programme aims at promoting capacity building and technical assistance through know-how transfer from CEI EU to CEI non-EU Member States.

Aim@Innovations Final Project video