The final ceremony of the KEP ITALY project “Public Accountants Certification Training  - PACT” was held on 16 October in Skopje, Macedonia. The Italian Ambassador to Macedonia, H.E. Massimino Bellelli, attended the ceremony together with Macedonian and Slovenian Government representatives as well with the World Bank, USAID and the Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF).
The project is the second part of a larger programme through which the CEF aims to establish and maintain international standards in public sector accounting, raise the status of the profession in line with EU countries, and enhance the beneficiary countries’ ability to implement a modernised management accounting approach. The training programme  -  designed by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA)  - offers an internationally recognised, post-graduate, professional two-year training, focusing on practical application of accounting and audit standards to the special circumstances of the public sector. At the ceremony, 10 certificates were delivered to the 3rd generation of certified accountants, while the first generation of Diploma students are expected to complete their training by June 2016.
The CEI Fund at the EBRD, entirely financed by Italy, supports this project with EUR 40,000. The total project cost amounts to about EUR 240.000, which is also supported by the World Bank SAFE Fund.