Discontinuous drinking water supply, water loss of up to 70% of the overall volume supplied, and contamination of the drinking water by wastewater are amongst the pressing problems of the aqueduct of Tirana. In this framework, the CEO of the Italian company Idrostudi met the representatives of the Regulatory Body for Water Supply and Sewer System of Albania (DPUK) and of the Tirana Water Supply and Sewerage Company (UKT) in the Albanian capital on 27 – 29 July.

The meetings with UKT representatives, dealing within the project management, especially focused on a new data obtained and presented by the latter regarding the water supply network of Tirana. The analysis has revealed the need for implementing the Geographic Information System (GIS) for more accurate geo-referenced information. The participants also discussed the consumption analysis and the modality of billing activities. They planned the future meeting in Trieste and Padua during the second week in September, and defined the need to design a concept of DMA (District Meter Area, supply and distribution network, metered through flowmeters installed in strategic points) for the Tirana water supply network, by Idrostudi.  Project partners also planned to organise a business trip to Italy for the representatives of DPUK and UKT involving local company in charge of water supply management.

The main goal of the Project “Water supply, sewerage networks, and future city development: theoretical update and on-the-job training of the UKT staff members in view of the territorial reform” which started in January, is to train the UKT technicians, providing them with the skills required for an urgent rehabilitation of the aqueduct. The latter will soon be funded by the World Bank through a 10.5 million EUR contribution from Italy. ***
The Project is co-financed by the CEI Fund at the EBRD (contributed by Italy) in the framework of the CEI Know-How Exchange Programme (KEP) with 36.000 EUR, out of the total project cost of 73.000 EUR. The Italian companies Idrostudi srl and BM Tecnologie Industriali serve as Know-How providing institutions, while UKT is the project Beneficiary.
For more information: kep.italy@cei.int