The Italian Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnologies and the Faculty of Technology in Leskovac, Serbia, have joined forces in the implementation phase of the project PACKSENSOR - The impact of the controlled atmosphere on quality and safety of close-seal-packaged food applied in the SMEs of south Serbia.

The project focuses on the development and validation of a non-intrusive laser gas sensor, for a simple, fast, non-destructive and non-expensive technique for monitoring quality and safety of food products in Southern Serbia.

Over the last six months, after the kick-off meeting in Leskovac, the project team has primarily focused on designing and developing the entire system from sensor cores to mechanical, hardware and software elements. The on-going activities concentrate on the evaluation and acceptance of the developed sensor-based control of the packaging systems for dairy containers.

Since raising awareness of this new breakthrough technology is one of the main interests of the Italian Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnologies and Faculty of Technology in Leskovac, the activities also include a careful analysis of the dissemination tools. Events in line with this thematic area are chosen for promoting PACKSENSOR project topics, such as dedicated fairs, conferences and lectures at universities.  ***
The project is co-financed with a grant within the CEI Know How Exchange Programme (KEP ITALY) in the framework of the CEI Fund at the EBRD, fully contributed by Italy. The CEI grant amounts to 37,000 EUR out of the total project cost of 80,000 EUR. The 20-month project will be running until August 2016.