Countering youth unemployment in the northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina (40%) is high on the agenda of  the Municipality of Gradiška. It is developing a new ICT business incubator, which aims at meeting the needs of young entrepreneurs for infrastructural, technical/education and ICT services for supporting the main economic branches in the region: agriculture and commerce.
In this context, on 28 and 29 January 2015, representatives of enterprises - active in the ICT sector on the territory of the municipality of Gradiška - took part in study visits at the Pomurje Technology Park, in the Institute for Advanced Technologies and Communication Murska Sobota in Slovenia and at the Technology-innovation center Međimurje in Croatia.

The events were organised within the one-year project Development of the business ICT incubator in Gradiška co-financed by the CEI KEP Austria with a grant of  around 44.000 EUR. The Project, focuses on capacity building, transfer of know-how and best practices in business incubator development and management to the Municipality of Gradiška in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Slovenian know-how provider, the Institute of Advanced Technologies and Communications Murska Sobota.

During the visit, a delegation from the Municipality of Gradiška had the opportunity to learn about the development of the Technology Park and business incubators in Slovenia and Croatia, the management models of technology parks, the incubation process enterprises and the support they provide. Participants also exchanged views on possibilities for future project development and cooperation in this field.

The KEP AUSTRIA Programme - part of CEI Know-how Exchange Programme - is financed by Austria, with funding provided by the Austrian Development Cooperation (based on an agreement between the Central European Initiative and Austrian Development Agency). The Programme aims at promoting capacity building and technical assistance through know-how transfer from CEI EU to CEI non-EU Member States.

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