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KEP Italy: capacity building workshops on clean energy successfully held in Albania, Montenegro and Serbia

Three focus workshops have successfully been held in the framework of the project “Capacity building and transfer of knowledge for increasing and improving professional skills in the field of secure, clean and efficient energy in Albania, Montenegro and Serbia”. The activity aims at improving professional skills in the field of clean energy in the three beneficiary countries and is led by OGS, the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics, an internationally oriented public research institution based in Trieste.
OGS is part of the CEI Science & Technology Network (S&TN), launched at the beginning of 2004, with the aim to strengthen scientific and technological cooperation in the CEI region. This specific project is co-financed by the CEI Fund at the EBRD (contributed by Italy) in the framework of the CEI Know-How Exchange Programme (KEP Italy). Out of the total project cost of 80.000 EUR, the approved CEI co-financing amounted to 40,000 EUR.
The workshop in Albania took place on 16 June, in collaboration with the Department of Energy Resources, Faculty of Geology and Mines of the Polytechnic University of Tirana. The workshop in Serbia was organised on 18 June and hosted by the Association of Geophysicists and Environmentalists of Serbia (AGES). In Montenegro, the workshop took place on 19 June, in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Montenegro. The hosting institutions of these three events are also the beneficiaries of the project.
The agenda of the workshops included a series of capacity building activities. The participants from the beneficiary countries had the opportunity to interact with OGS researchers who delivered presentations on specific topics including geomodelling, fluid flow model, and hydrocarbon reservoir characterisation.
The project also foresees the assigning of three fellowships to the members of the beneficiary institutions, as well as a training-of-trainers course to be held at the OGS in Trieste in October 2014.
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The KEP ITALY (CEI Fund at the EBRD) Call for Proposals 2014 is officially open.
Deadline for applications: 15 July 2014

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