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CEI Human Resources Development Forum on “Research, Development and Innovation through Education”

This year’s Human Resources Development Forum held in Prague on 22 November, 2013 gathered experts from Ministries of Education, universities and/or other specific organisations from Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovankia and Ukraine.

The international seminar entitled “Research, Development and Innovation through Education”, was opened and chaired by Miroslava Kopicová, Director of the National Training Fund. Welcome speeches were delivered by, Vladimír Mařík (Czech Research, Development and Innovation Council), by Vlastimil Tesař (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic) and by Tania Pibernik on behalf of the Central European Initiative.

During the event participants exchanged experience on relevant activities, specific programmes, problems and strategies existing in their countries, while having the chance to establish new contacts for future cooperation.
Most participants highlighted the need to follow the "Triple Helix Model" where university-industry-government  relations are enhanced. In this context, Tomáš Hruda, Deputy Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic pointed out how important quality was in innovation, thus calling for more support for PhD-level courses.

The event was held back to back with the meeting of the CEI Network of Focal Points on Human Resource Development on 21 November who mainly introduced the activities of their institutions in the field of research, development and innovation and provided interesting information in the field of education and HRD.
Tania Pibernik from the CEI Secretariat informed participants on the Draft CEI Plan of Action 2014-2016, paying special attention to research and innovation and life-long education and training, the two priority areas under the thematic pillar "Towards a Knowledge-based Society" where cooperation along the lines of the "Triple Helix Model" is a priority. The new CEI Plan of Action will be formally approved by the CEI Heads of Government in mid-December 2013.
  The Prague Human Resources Development Forum - a long-standing CEI Feature Event  - has been taking place in Prague for eleven years. It has always been organised by the Czech public benefit organisation, the National Training Fund and deals with a specific theme corresponding both to priorities outlined in the CEI Plan of Action and to the common needs of the CEI countries in the field of human resource development. Since this year´s Forum focused on Support of Research, Development and Innovation through Education the Research, Development and Innovation Council of the Czech Republic also kindly contributed to the preparation and implementation of this event. The CEI Has been supporting this activity since 2004 through its Cooperation Fund.
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