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Breakthroughs in addressing natural disasters: solid outcomes from Trieste conference

The international conference, "Towards a Transnational Research Network on Solid Earth Science," was held in Trieste on 23 November, organised by the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS).

The main goal of this gathering  - as part of the project INTERFACE - Towards a regIoNal ParTnER Facility for solid eArth science in the Central and south-eastern European area was to amplify collaboration between science and policy, steering the development of collective strategies within Earth sciences for the prevention and mitigation of natural disasters.

"The INTERFACE project allows for the initiation of a first dialogue platform between representatives of the scientific community and officials from the relevant ministries for science and research in some CEI Member Countries. The goal is to promote transnational scientific interactions and collaborations, thus enhancing  the resources present in Central, Eastern, and Balkan Europe," explains Alessandro Lombardo, CEI Senior Executive Officer in charge of activities and cooperation in the field of science.

The CEI combines multilateral diplomacy and international science cooperation, by providing a platform for result-oriented interactions encouraging interactions among scientists, diplomats, and policymakers.

David Zuliani, OGS researcher and scientific coordinator of INTERFACE underlined that the event aimed to promote cross-border and transnational research in the field of solid Earth sciences among Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European countries and to establish a connection with existing European initiatives, such as the European Plate Observing System (EPOS).

Among the results of the meeting was the discussion of the "Memorandum of Understanding" for the Establishment of a Transnational Cooperation Network for Solid Earth Science in Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe, a document laying the groundwork for effective collaboration among the various European countries involved in the field of solid Earth sciences and the mitigation of natural disasters.

…solutions for global problems require merging political, economic, and scientific actors, skills, and perspectives (PoA 2021-2023).

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