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Young leaders unite at Young Bled Strategic Forum to tackle global challenges

The Young Bled Strategic Forum, held on 25-28 August, saw over 40 young leaders from diverse backgrounds convene in a spirit of cooperation, dialogue, and empowerment. This interactive event brought together experts from the public administration, academia, the private sector, media, civil society, and youth organisations, all working collectively to address pressing global challenges.

The forum's activities extended beyond the initial three days, as participants seamlessly transitioned into the Bled Strategic Forum conference, taking place on 28-29 August. The latter - renowned as the premier conference in Central and South-Eastern Europe - brought together participants from diverse fields to exchange ideas and address current and future challenges and provided a unique platform for tailored meetings and networking with regional and global stakeholders. The 2023 edition of the Bled Strategic Forum focused on supporting and empowering solidarity for global security.

This fusion of these two events highlighted the pivotal role young professionals play in crafting solutions for the world's most pressing challenges.

Under the captivating theme of "Mitigating our Butterfly Effect," the 12th edition of the Young Bled Strategic Forum celebrated the extraordinary power each individual and stakeholder possesses to catalyze positive change at local, regional, and global levels. It vividly portrayed how our world, interconnected and interdependent, can be shaped for the better or worse by the smallest actions, emphasizing the urgent need for collective action in sustainability, security, technological advancement, geopolitical harmony, and other critical domains.

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