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Course on “Women and Political Influence: Building Successful Advocacy Campaigns”

19 young female leaders from CEI Member States participated in a set of courses on “Women and Political Influence: Building Successful Advocacy Campaigns”, held online on 2 June and in Dubrovnik, Croatia on 16-18 June.

This initiative was organised by the Robert Schuman Institute in cooperation with the Hanns Seidel Foundation Zagreb Office. It was designed to strengthen the advocacy skills of female participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia. They learned about advocacy concepts, campaign development, regional and international programmes for women's empowerment, and the role of advocacy in decision making and economic development.

In the second module, (Dubrovnik, Croatia, 16-18 June), they focused on educational equity, digital skills, engaging vulnerable groups, and advanced advocacy elements and technologies. The participants developed mini advocacy campaigns to address specific policy issues related to economic participation and inclusion.

The event concluded with a programme evaluation and certificate awards. The organisers expressed gratitude to their partners for their commitment to capacity building and positive change in the region.

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