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CEI supports conference “Theatre Inclusion-Social Activation“ held during the Maribor Theatre Festival

The thematisation of theatre as an effective and successful method for the social activation of vulnerable groups was the focus of the CEI-supported conference Theatre Inclusion-Social Activation“ held on 1-3 June 2022 during the 57th Maribor Theatre Festival, the oldest and most prominent international theatre festival in Slovenia.

The conference was opened by
Aleš Novak, artistic director of the Maribor Theatre Festival. Participants, guests, interested public and media exchanged views, experiences and good practices on the inclusion of vulnerable groups in the creative processes, emphasing the impact of such inclusiveness on the different parts of the lives of the members of vulnerable groups (labour market, education, lifelong learning, social engagement, empowerment, improvement of the quality of life).

Experts contributions from several CEI countries: Tadeja Juvan, Head of the Social Activation Project Unit and Polonca Jakob Krejan, Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (Slovenia); Valerija Bužan, president of the Down Syndrome Society (Slovenia); Hana Volkmerová, theater pedagogue, playwright and puppeteer (Ostrava ,Czech Republic); Sunčica Milosavljević, theater director, BAZAART Belgrade (Serbia, Belgrade); Manca Šetinc Vernik, from Humanitas - Centre for Global Learning and Cooperation (Slovenia); Valentina Di Odoardo, Theater Coordinator, Department of Education and Training, CIES Onlus (Italy, Rome).

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