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Stronger distance learning solutions in Belarus

The health measures introduced following the global pandemic have put a strain on education systems across the world. The CEI’s funding granted within the framework of the Covid-19 Extraordinary Call has empowered SCHOOLS.BY to strengthen their online service promoting distance learning in Belarus. In particular, the support has enabled them to develop additional tools in their transition to distance learning.

Service is a centralised multi-user cloud platform and one of the most popular resources in Belarus. It unites more than 2 million users from almost 4,000 educational institutions in the country. It ranks first in terms of attendance among educational portals and is in the TOP10 Internet resources of Belarus according to Alexa Rank.

The module that has been developed ensures an optimal relationship between teacher and student both in the transfer of teaching materials and in the verification of assignments.

Read more about the project (in Belarusian):

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