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CEI ASG Nikoletti speaks at Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland on tomorrow’s Europe

On 3-5 September, CEI Alternate Secretary General (ASG) Antal Nikoletti participated in the 29th edition of the Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland, the largest conference in Central and Eastern Europe fostering the creation of a favourable climate for the development of political and economic cooperation between the EU Member States and their neighbours.

The event focused on “Europe of Tomorrow. ‘Strong’ Meaning What?” and gathered officials from 60 different countries.

In a Panel on “Competitive Economy as a Key to Success in the Global Market” Nikoletti highlighted that the CEI area had various types of economies and stages of convergency. “Our task is to help to facilitate the mechanism with our tools by sharing successful stories of the ones who have gone through this difficult transition process. Good examples are the Visegrad countries and Slovenia. Moreover, the Baltic countries have made tremendous way forward”.

During a second panel on “Time for Young Leaders - Changes in Education, Labour Market and in the Pension System”, he expressed his optimism regarding Young Leaders emphasising, among other things, that “technology, digitalisation along with globalisation are having a significant impact on our education, employment and lives in general”. He added that ”digital skills are becoming a core literacy and young people are way ahead in this regard”.

The CEI will continue putting regional events on top of its agenda. In addition to participation, the CEI will further strengthen its efforts and dedication to regional cooperation, acting as a platform for political dialogue.

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