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SG Antonione in Albania for strengthening relations and cooperation

On 6 May, CEI Secretary General Roberto Antonione and a delegation of the CEI-Executive Secretariat (CEI-ES), including Deputy Secretary General Nina Kodelja and Senior Officers, visited Albania.

In Tirana, they met with the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Gent Cakaj, the Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Redi Shtino as well as the Vice President of the Parliament, Ms. Vasilika Hysi.

The mission served to present the leadership of the CEI-ES and to listen to the Albanian priorities with regard to the future actions of the Organisation. The final aim is to enhance relations with the country, in the framework of an overall goal of the CEI-ES to strengthen direct cooperation and communication at all levels with Member States.

The added value and importance of the CEI as an intergovernmental organisation, in support of the mission - European integration and sustainable development of all Member States, was particularly highlighted by the Albanian interlocutors. In this context, they commended the efforts and tangible actions of the Organisation and of the CEI-ES in its attainment.

“On our side, we are ready to further help you in your European integration process, in particular through positive signals about how much you are dedicated to achieving this goal", said CEI SG Antonione.

The discussion also touched upon the CEI’s position vis-à-vis science diplomacy, exploring possibilities in terms of regional scientific cooperation. The priorities of the 2019 Italian CEI Presidency also marking the 30th anniversary of the Organisation were also highlighted. 

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