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Young developers and entrepreneurs to advance start-ups in Western Balkans - Connectivity Meeting in Tirana

In the framework of the CEI's cooperation with the OSCE, a two-day connectivity meeting was organised in Tirana on 8-9 November by the OSCE Secretariat focusing on “Building the skills needed for the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. The meeting is part of The Young Developers and Entrepreneurs to Advance Start-ups (YDEAS) project in the Western Balkans and is supported by the Italian 2018 OSCE Chairmanship, the Central European Initiative through its CEI Fund at the OSCE, established by the CEI Cooperation Fund in 2017, and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The discussion gathered 100 participants, students and young innovators from the entire Western Balkans region, representatives of universities, investors, start-uppers, hubs as well as regional and international organisations.

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