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EU-funded project “4helix+” kicked off in Rome

The 4helix+ project, co-financed by the ERDF under the Interreg MED Programme, was successfully kicked off in Rome on 16-17 April. The ten project partners  - from Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Croatia and Albania  - extensively discussed the various aspects of the project, in particular its core methodology, and have defined the operational rules and procedures of the project's work plan. 

The MED Programme's JS Project Officer assigned to the project, Maria Groueva, attended the meeting on day two, and provided useful indications to the partnership consortium regarding particular requirements set by the Programme.
The 4helix+ Kick Off meeting was held back to back with two MED Programme community meetings: an informal meeting organised by the Horizontal Project that gathers thematically related modular projects, and the so-called MADE IN MED event addressing the entire Interreg MED project community.
Both events represented an invaluable opportunity for networking and exchanging views on possibilities of cooperation and cross fertilisation among the various projects and partners. It was also an occasion to reunite with some 'old friends', i.e. partners from past MED projects, recalling the successful experiences and prospecting possible future cooperation in the community-building spirit, which is strongly fostered by the MED Programme.

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