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International Symposium "Combating illegal migration and illicit human trafficking" in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

The second edition of the “scientific and practical” symposium - under the title "Combating illegal migration and illicit human trafficking" - was organised by the Department for International Affairs of the University King Danylo on 16 – 17 March.

The event witnessed an ample participation of representatives from six CEI countries (Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine), other donor countries (Germany, USA, UK, France and Lithuania) employees from the State Migration Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Social Policy and the Office of Public Prosecutor. International organisations such as  the OSCE and the UN, judges and representatives from NGOs, which are defending human rights of victims of human trafficking (La Strada, Caritas, UHSPL, A21, Liubystok, etc.), graduate students at universities and at research institutions, students, and practitioners who are actively engaged in research in this area were also present. The conference was attended by Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine,
Natalia Fedorovych.

The goal of this year’s symposium was to further strengthen the exchange of expertise among participants from CEI Member States who discussed possible solutions and guidelines for the support of victims of illicit migrants trafficking.

The topics focused on fighting illegal migration and human trafficking such as international measures and state policy; legal, social and psychological support of children; interaction of national and international mechanisms and  role of NGOs; practice of international judicial institutions in the field; criminal law, procedure, executive and criminological policies in the field and re-socialization of victims
The gathering also brought about the adoption of a final Resolution on actions for combating illegal migration and illicit human trafficking to be applied to the authorised bodies in Ukraine and other CEI Member States in order to intensify the coordination activity; secure regular trainings of experts; strengthen the discovery of victims of human trafficking guarantee access for help to all victims, especially children; better involve NGOs and continue the research on problems related to illegal migration and human trafficking.

This event was co-financed by the CEI Cooperation Fund.

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