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FNE CEI Innovation Day at Regiofund Film Festival 2017 successfully held in Katowice, Poland

The Film New Europe CEI AV Innovation Day at the International Co-production Forum Regiofund in Katowice, Poland on 5-6 October was made up of panels, case studies and industry networking to explore how innovation and technologies are impacting the audiovisual industry in the region and Europe.
Day 1 featured two-panel discussions on two case studies ranging from an overview of Polish immersive content ecosystem, analysis of Slovenian blockbuster At Hostar, new developments in Ukrainian co-production structure and similarities and differences between content and technology investments in Europe.
Day 2 focused on networking between the attending experts and participants with the calls for frequent meetups and discussions on new platforms and regional monetisation possibilities during 2018.
Key topics: audience and distributor demand for high-production value virtual reality (VR) content in central European languages, the increasing prevalence of Facebook and Youtube in determining a film’s outreach and success, new opportunities of co-production with Ukraine, and the pressing need for the film industry to focus on key metrics in attracting private investors.
Film producer Marcin Łunkiewicz in explaining plans to launch a network of regional VR cinemas commented that “The market will be growing together with technology, and we need more local high-quality content that is currently missing”.
This event was co-funded by the CEI Cooperation Fund.
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