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Women entrepreneurs and crafts association network open for new jobs, including migrants: international conference in Chisinau

The conference, held in Chisinau on 25-27 May, witnessed the participation of around 60 women entrepreneurs in the crafts field from Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova. Discussions focused on problems faced by women entrepreneurs, solutions and success stories. The gathering aimed at transferring knowledge and exchanging experiences and good practices on migration management in order to contribute to opening new job opportunities.

In her speech Daniela Morari, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova focused on intergovernmental agreements, their implementation and what needs to be done. Raisa Scai, Vice Minister of Labor, Social Protection and Family briefed on the issues of employment, including migrants. Svetlana Țurcanu, Head of the Policy Department for Development of SMEs and Trade (Ministry of Economy), mentioned the programmes and projects for SME development in Moldova.
The conference was also attended by Valerii Colomiet, Economic Advisor at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Moldova, who underlined the role of NGOsin raising awareness at governmental level about existing problems.Olga Poalelungi, Director, Bureau for Migration and Asylum of the Republic of Moldova, mentioned that several important issues had been tackled during the conference, in particular how migration affected the economic development of the Republic of Moldova. “Migration always opens two windows. On the one hand, globalisation that we cannot stop, it is a real phenomenon. We have to find solutions to try to attract Moldovans. ...but women in Moldova were the first to be affected by the wave of migration, that raised the awareness of their role and need to support their families. In all countries of the world statistics show that men usually go abroad, in Moldova it is the opposite, women do (70%)”, said Poalelungi.
During the plenary session Raisa Dogaru, Deputy Director of the National Agency for Employment, made a presentation on the current situation of women, including migrant women from the point of view of their employment in hand-made business management and entrepreneurship. Eugen Roșcovan, President of the Association of Small Business, illustrated the actual problems entrepreneurs are facing in small and medium-sized businesses in Moldova.

The Conference was complemented with an exhibition of hand-made products of companies led by women as well as with a FLASH-mob for peer payment of women at the end of the event. 


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