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​Steering Committee Meeting and CNC Meeting in London at EBRD HQ

The CEI Steering Committee (SC) and the CEI Committee of National Coordinators (CNC) met on 6 April at the Headquarters of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London.
The SC meeting, gathering the CEI National Coordinators and representatives from the CEI countries at the EBRD Board of Directors, focused on the recent developments in CEI-EBRD cooperation. The 2016 Annual Report of the CEI Fund at the EBRD was presented and the 2017 budget of the Fund was approved by the Committee's members.

The CNC Meeting, held immediately after the SC, focused on the forthcoming activities and events taking place under the Belarusian CEI Presidency, in particular on the preparation of the Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, to be held in June. The CNC approved the Annual Report 2016 of the CEI Secretary General and continued with the discussions on the reform of the CEI Governance as well as on the elaboration of the Plan of Action 2018-2020. Croatia announced that it would take over the CEI Presidency in 2018. 

The next CNC Meeting is taking place in Trieste on 16 May. 


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