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CEI Fund at the EBRD supports Bosnia and Herzegovina’s road network improving climate resilience

The floods that affected Bosnia and Herzegovina in May 2014 caused severe damages to houses, roads and railways. In order to overcome this damage that included the collapse of several bridges and road sections, the EBRD supported Bosnia and Herzegovina by providing a €65 million loan to the state-owned company Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The total Project cost is estimated at approximately 165 million EUR. The European Investment Bank and the World Bank are expected to provide parallel financing for other road sections under this investment programme in the amount of 50 million EUR each. The project included the repair of the road infrastructure and an upgrade of important primary sections.
As the impacts of climate change become more apparent, climate change adaptation is emerging as an important part of the international climate change agenda. In this framework, to improve the resilience of the road network in Bosnia and Herzegovina to future floods and other extreme weather events, the project design specifically focused on climate change considerations.
The EBRD’s engagement in improving the climate resilience of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s road network continues. Work on the ground will start this year thanks to the resources of the CEI Fund at the EBRD contributed by Italy. Through a technical cooperation assignment worth 135,000 EUR, the CEI will support Bosnia and Herzegovina in establishing an institutional framework and introducing international best practice on identifying and managing climate risks to the country’s road network.
In particular, the CEI’s support will help the country’s Roads Agency in assessing climate change risks, setting up appropriate institutional structures and formulating a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for the sector.
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