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International conference on adult education and the labour market held in Rijeka

The Adult Education Institution - Dante organised the international conference within the project "Yes to Easier Education and Employment for Sensitive Groups (YEEES)", in Rijeka, Croatia on 30 June – 2 July. Under the title “Adult Education and the Labour Market”, the event aimed at meeting the growing need for countering unemployment especially with regard to youth and women over 40.

The conference brought together scholars and practitioners active in adult education, representatives of employment agencies and services, as well as other interested stakeholders from Croatia and abroad. By increasing cooperation and networking, the conference aim was to contribute to the strengthening of the connection between adult education and the labour market, conducting research in adult education, and to the public promotion of the adult education's importance.

The focus was on the inclusion of marginalised groups into adult education with the aim of increasing employability. The main topic of the conference was the connection between adult education and the labour market, with several sub-topics: the purpose and characteristics educating adults for the labour market, the economic, social and political benefits of adult education, the connection between adult education and labour market needs, adult education and the inclusion of marginalised groups, as well as good practice examples of adult education activities and programmes for the labour market.

The professional and scientific conference comprised plenary talks (45 minute duration), presentations organised into sessions (15 minutes per talk), a round table, and a socio-cultural activity (a trip planned for the last day of the conference).

Several recognised andragogic experts were invited as keynote speakers: Siniša Kušić from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Rijeka, Mirjana Mavrak from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University in Sarajevo, and Katarina Popović from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University in Belgrade, secretary general of the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE). A total of 22 presentations (organised into sessions according to topic) were held by speakers from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Italy, Slovenia, and Serbia.
This event is co-financed by the CEI Cooperation Fund.
  •  Full programme available here 

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