A CEI delegation headed by Secretary General, Amb. Giovanni Caracciolo di Vietri, met the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, H.E. Igor Crnadak, and his team in Sarajevo on 8 February 2016 to discuss the programme of activities during the year.

Minister Cranadak confirmed his country’s commitment to the Organisation and its strategic objectives. He underlined the important role of the Initiative in the European integration process of the countries of the region, in the strengthening of their capacities, as well as its active cooperation with all the relevant players, international and regional organisations, necessary for a better output. He stressed that, in the framework of cooperation within the CEI, his country would maximise its efforts to promote the economic, social and cultural potential of the whole region and its interconnectivity. In that context, particular attention would be paid to transport and energy efficiency initiatives. 
An intensified cooperation within the CEI Parliamentary Dimension will also be stepped up further as well as within the Business Dimension, with specific attention on the strengthening of the entrepreneurship, especially of the SME element. 

The migrant crisis will remain on top of the agenda and will be duly addressed by the CEI structures throughout the year. Last but not least, Minister Crnadak announced that Bosnia and Herzegovina would host a number of high-level and expert meetings, and that the Meeting of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the CEI Member States would be held in Banja Luka on 29 June 2016.
Amb. Caracciolo di Vietri assured the Minister that the CEI would strongly support the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its institutions in 2016 through available resources and platforms of cooperation.