The CEI Executive Secretariat signed yesterday, 15 December 2015, in Skopje, a Memorandum of Understanding with MARRI, the Regional Centre of the Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative, where all six Western Balkan candidate countries are cooperating on issues regarding  migration flows.
The signature seals a strong partnership established after the CEI Ministries for Foreign Affairs had called upon the CEI Secretariat in Trieste to also address its activities to facing the challenges posed by the growing flow of asylum seekers and migrants towards the CEI region.
The MoU foresees actions enhancing the exchange of information and expertise in migration management: there is a need to move from the current emergency approach to a structural establishment of adequate assistance capacity and security for the incoming peoples; there is a need for integration policy measures and European citizens are to be well informed on what lies ahead with regard to this unavoidable long-lasting perspective of humanitarian crisis.
The signature took place in the framework of the international conference in Skopje held under the Macedonian CEI Presidency on the security implications of the migration and refugee flows in transit countries. The gathering witnessed the participation of representatives of the OSCE, UNHCR, International Organization for Migrations – IOM and of the Ministries of Interiors and of Foreign Affairs of most of the CEI Member States.

Photo by MIA