Thirty one participants from 14 CEI countries gathered in Belgrade, Serbia on 19 July - 1 August 2015, for the 12th edition of the Two Open Weeks of PLAVO Theatre, the most attended edition so far.
The programme, which took place at the PLAVO Theatre, included two workshops and one master’s class with technical exercises, vocal training, activities with songs and music, individual and team work. The event also consisted of introducing the participants to the main characteristics of anthropological theatre through specific exercises, lectures, discussions and video presentations. Performances open to the wider public were also held during the event.
The entire programme was in English, including workshops, master’s class, public presentations and performances, while the participants used their texts and songs in their own languages.
The PLAVO theatre is celebrating its 20 years of existence as an independent theatre group. The Two Open Weeks educational event was established in 2004 and has been held annually ever since. “Our aim is to share the idea of the theatre as a place of communication, self- searching and a space for an open mind where important things about ourselves and the world that surrounds us can be learned”, stated the organisers on their web page while announcing the 2015 edition of the event.
The Two Open Weeks of PLAVO Theatre, co-financed by the CEI Cooperation Fund, has received ample media coverage in Serbia and across Central Europe.
The CEI Cooperation Fund, to which all the Member States contribute, co-finances Cooperation Activities - projects of small scale and limited duration, which mainly take the form of seminars, workshops, short training courses or other kinds of meetings.