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6th CEI–HECE Spring School on "ICT, economical and organizational issues for e-health integration in the enlarged Europe" successfully held in Koper

Students and experts, in clinical engineering from the CEI region, i.e. from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, gathered in Koper (Slovenia) on 27-29 May to attend the 6th edition of the Spring School on “ICT, economical and organizational issues for e-health integration in the enlarged Europe” traditionally organised by the Higher Education in Clinical Engineering (HECE) of the University of Trieste and co-financed by the CEI Cooperation Fund.

The University of Trieste organised this year’s edition in collaboration with the University of Primorska, the University of Maribor, the University of Ljubljana, the University of Belgrade and the University of Zagreb. The 3-day programme encompassed 13 lectures/talks focusing on selected topics of clinical engineering: clinical engineering both in outsourcing services and in public hospitals; certification of software as a medical device, quality standards in health, clinical and hospital information systems; ICT system to support e-care and telemedicine. A workshop related to the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard was organised in collaboration with the O3 Enterprise.

The School was opened by HECE director Prof. Agostino Accardo, and by Prof. Ratko Magjarević, President of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE), who underlined the importance of Biomedical and Clinical Engineering and their specific role in the enlarged Europe. Besides expert knowledge transfer to students, the gathering was a great opportunity for participating experts to exchange views and experience on the related topics, as well as for networking.

The topics envisaged for next year’s 7th CEI –HECE Spring School to be held in May 2016 will be mostly related to the Advances in Health Informatics.

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