“The topics of the SAFE ADRIA project are part of the long-term development strategy of the port of Bar. Transferring this know-how  is crucial in order  to implement these practices also in our port”. This is the opinion of Mr. Predrag Ivanovic, President of the Board of Directors of the port of Bar, expressed during the final event of the SAFE ADRIA project.

On February 23, the Consortium for the Intermodal and Logistics Training (CFLI) of the Port of Venice, the Venice Port Authority and the Port of Bar, that are the projects partner of SAFE ADRIA, gathered for the final event of the project at the premises of the Port of Bar in Montenegro. The final event was also addressed by the Mayor of Bar, Mr. Zarko Pavicecic and the Executive Director of the Port, Mr. Slobo Pajovic.

SAFE ADRIA provided technical assistance to the Port of Bar by developing two action plans, one on environment protection in port areas, and another on safety at work and security in logistics facilities. The former was drafted by the staff of the Environment department of the Venice Port Authority, partner of the project. It was elaborated on the basis of the priorities expressed by the port of Bar, and provided useful, practical information on developed procedures for the monitoring and mitigation of the pollution of water and air, the reduction of dust, pollutants and noise emissions. The latter represented the capitalization of the training safety guidelines drafted by the partnership of the WATERMODE project (www.watermode.eu). CFLI revised the training guidelines in order to provide a new model for the promotion of a safer and healthier work environment in ports. Moreover, the partners also exchanged experiences related to the implementation of security rules.   The SAFE ADRIA Project is  co-financed by the CEI through its Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP) with a contribution of 40,000 EUR from the CEI Fund at the EBRD (financed by Italy). The envisaged total value of the project amounts to 87,000 EUR. The activities were implemented between March 2011 and February 2012.   for more information: biadene@cei-es.org