CEI Know-how Exchange Programme

The Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP) is an instrument supporting projects and programmes focused on the transfer of know-how and best practices from EU to non-EU CEI Member States. It operates through annual calls for proposals.

Current Donors


  • Strengthen economic and social advancement of the non-EU CEI Member States.
  • Help the recent EU members in their transformation from recipients to donors (emerging donors) of development assistance.
  • Promote principles of foreign development aid and support international collaboration among institutions in CEI member countries.

Call 2019

The CEI is glad to announce a new Call for Proposals for the CEI Know‐how Exchange Programme (KEP). The projects will be co‐financed by the CEI Fund at the EBRD, entirely financed by the Italian Government.

Proposals are to be in line with the CEI Plan of Action and meet the criteria comprehensively outlined in the Call for Proposals and Application Guidelines.

Applicants are requested to fill in and submit the Application Form and Budget Template by 1 July 2019, midnight CEST (GMT+2).

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For further information: kep@cei.int

Office for the CEI Fund at the EBRD

MS. Elisabetta Dovier

Programme Manager

Technical Cooperation, Know-how Exchange Programme 

+39 040 7786 738

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