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Musical Diplomacy - CEI Piano Forum 2021

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This year's CEI Piano Forum will focus on Music Diplomacy and will celebrate the crucial role played by music, and culture at large, in fostering relations between peoples. Thanks to the universality of its message, music is able to foster human and professional interactions. While the subject was chosen before the Covid-19 pandemic, the current situation offers new points of discussion.

The 4th edition of the international workshop is related to the PianoFVG International Piano Competition, whose preselections are still being carried out on the web, in coordination with the headquarters of the Association in Sacile.

During the meeting, the Jury of the PianoFVG Competition, as is tradition, will announce the list of competitors selected for the last round of the competition and the winners of the Special Prizes. The President of the Jury, the Slovenian pianist Dubravka Tomšič Srebotnjak, “professor emeritus” of the Ljubljana Music Academy, will officially communicate the names of the young pianists who will compete in the final performance with the orchestra in Sacile in the coming months.

The event will take place at 14.00 (CET) and the participation in the Forum will be free via Zoom.

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